Bahar Khadem Hosseinieh

Educational Background

2007, M.Sc
Electrical Engineering, Communication – Fields and Waves University of Tehran, Iran.
Thesis Project
Design and Fabrication of 2D & 3D Photonic Crystal Structures, using PET and Silicon Technology.
Electrical Engineering, Communication, University of Tehran, Iran.
2001—2005, Project
Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Reflector Antennas, Using Carbon Nano Tubes.

Research Experience

Fabrication techniques of active/passive communication devices, including photonic crystals and CNT reflector antennas; Vertical etching of PET and Silicon, Carbon-nanotube (CNT) growth.
Analysis of electromagnetic wave scattering problems, using Photon Wave Function (PWF)

Journal Publications

August 2006
Y.Komijani, N.Izadi, B.Khadem-Hosseinieh, S.Mohajerzadeh, “Ultra-Violet Assisted 3D Microstructures on PET,” IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, Vol.6, no.4, Aug. 2006.
B.Khadem-Hosseinieh, Y.Komijani, R.Faraji, M.Shahabadi “Using Photon Wave Function for the Time Domain Analysis of Electromagnetic Wave Scattering Problems,” PIER 76, 397-412, 2007.
August 2006
A.Sammak, S.Azimi, N.Izadi, B.Khadem Hosseinieh, S.Mohajerzadeh, “Deep Vertical Etching of Silicon Substrate using Hydrogenation Stimulated Etching,” Journal of MEMS. Vol.16, Issue: 4 Aug. 2007.

Conference Publications

A.Sammak, S.Azimi, B.Khadem Hosseinieh, N.Izadi, S.Mohajerzadeh, “Smart Etch or Plasma Hydrogenetation-Assisted High Aspect Ratio Etching of Silicon,” ICEE 2007.
N.Izadi, Y.Komijani, B.Khadem Hosseinieh, S.Mohajerzadeh, M.Shahabadi, “Fabrication of 3D Structures Using Deep Vertical Etching of Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic Suitable for RF and Photonic Applications,” ICEE 2006.
B.Khadem Hosseinieh, N.Masoumi, “A new Distributed Model for Spiral Onchip Inductors,” IWSOC, July 20-24th, 2005, Canada.
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