Chulwoo Oh Ph.D.

PhD, Electrical Engineering, 2009 

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA    Dissertation Title: “Liquid crystal polarization gratings as broadband beam splitters for advanced LCDs, beam steering, and polarimetry


MS, Electrical Engineering, 2006 

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA      Thesis Title   : “Finite-difference time-domain analysis of periodic anisotropic media.”



1) Optics Letters, 33, 2287–2289 (2008), “Achromatic diffraction from polarization gratings with high efficiency,” C. Oh and M. J. Escuti.

2) Physical Review A, 76, 043815 (2007), “Numerical analysis of polarization gratings using the finite-difference time-domain method,” C. Oh and M. J. Escuti.

3) Optics Express, 14, 11870–11884 (2006), “Time-domain analysis of periodic anisotropic media at oblique incidence: an efficient FDTD implementation,” C. Oh and M. J. Escuti.

4) Journal of the Society for Information Display, 15, 589–594 (2007), “Polarization-independent modulation for projection displays using small-period LC polarization gratings,” K. Komanduri, W. M. Jones, C. Oh, and M. J. Escuti


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